Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just Venting

So, Rich and I went to get our Washington licenses yesterday. I got mine smoothly enough, but  getting Rich's has gone beyond being a hassle.

Rich went up to the counter and the lady at the desk told him his license had been revoked or suspended. Um, excuse me? That's what happens to people who get DUIs or way too many tickets. Rich falls into neither of those categories.

Turns out he didn't sign a form while he was getting his Utah license last December. Okay, that's fine. But then shouldn't he have never gotten his license in the first place? Instead, the employee at the West Valley City DMV signed and stamped the bottom of the form saying everything was fine and dandy and that nothing was missing, and the state of Utah went ahead and sent the license, all the while failing to tell Rich that his license was suspended.  So, Rich has unknowingly been driving with a suspended license for 5 months now. Not his fault! Just imagine if he had gotten pulled over or in a wreck! What a joke!

Well, we spent this afternoon getting everything sorted out. Hopefully in a few days we'll hear back from the West Valley City DMV to let us know they finally got the completed form. But going off of the fact that they NEVER told Rich he was driving illegally, I think we may have to do some more checking.

(P.S. I'm planning on posting pictures from Graduation and Easter and our new apartment, but we still don't have Internet - I'm writing this from my phone.)

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