Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Surprisingly Few Pictures Today

I guess I don't really have much to say today. I just want to keep up with my weekly blog post because I have been doing so well!

On Saturday, Rich's sister Andrea competed at NCAA Cross Country Nationals in Terra Haute, Indiana, and placed 86th! Awesome job, especially for her first time there, and she was first of the BYU girls! Way to go, Dre!

Rich and I didn't get to go, but we heard all about it from his parents who were able to fly out. Apparently, it was absolutely freezing and the wind was ridiculous (which we saw on the live video feed). Here are a few photos I stole from Edie, who needed a little help getting the pictures off her camera.

Andrea and her hubby Jed. Jed didn't grow up watching cross country races like the Nelsons have (me neither, Jed), but it seems like he's learned quickly. After watching him run around at Nationals to cheer on Andrea, Doug said that Jed's become quite the cross country spectator.

And I have to include this picture because it's hilarious. After the race, they were trying to warm up Andrea's feet anyway they could. I guess gloves were the best thing they could find.

The BYU men also did fantastic, placing 4th overall and getting 2 All-Americans. Rich both loves and hates watching them race. Loves because he obviously wants to cheer on his fellow running Cougars, but hates because he misses racing along with them.

In Norah news this week, her favorite word is officially, "No!" She uses it all the time, even if she doesn't mean it.

"Norah, do you want to come inside?"

"Norah, do you want to take a bath?"
"No!" (She loves bathtime.)

"Norah, are you cute?"
"No!" (Okay, now she knows she's just lying because she's just doing that to be cute.)

Other than that, I'll let our pictures do most of the talking for the rest of the week.

 Going on a walk requires a lot more gear these days. Norah absolutely loves our walks and throws a royal tantrum when it's time to go in.

We never watch TV and eat dinner, but we decided it would be fun on Friday night to watch a movie for once at dinner time. Norah has not eaten that well in a long time. She was so distracted by the show that she just kept eating and eating and eating.

 Grandma and Poppa came over for dinner on Sunday, and Norah cuddled right up to her Poppa to cheer on the Broncos (Poppa's team, if you can say he has a team).

Carrying all her blankets around because that's how she rolls

 Why have I never done this before? Norah could keep herself entertained for hours in the bathroom mirror. It made getting ready much easier for me today, until I had to get her down so I could plug in my straightener.

And, finally, Norah got to play with Alivia again today. She got the biggest grin on her face when she saw Alivia at the door. Almost as soon as she walked in, they started chasing each other around the apartment and hardly stopped the whole time she was over (which is probably why Norah fell asleep so well for her nap today).

This next week promises to be a much more exciting one for us. The Petersens are on their way here as we speak, and we are excited to spend time with them and meet their newest addition, baby Zack!

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

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