Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Norah's First Haircut

No, Norah doesn't have that much hair. But, by golly, she had enough to cut! I am terrified cutting hair, so Grandma Nelson did the honors of the first cut last night (more like a trim). We barely took anything off - I'm probably the only who notices a difference. But we got rid of the rat tail and the long straggly hairs that were getting in her eyes.


 During - she was actually pretty good for it. A little wiggly, but she didn't fuss at all.

After - the back. It's all evened out, so I think it looks thicker. 

After - the front (Please ignore me in the background. I turned on the front-facing camera to keep her entertained during the cut.)

The first haircut seems like such a huge milestone! I can't believe how big this little girl is getting.

I meant to post this video a while ago, but here it is now:
This is at the play place at the mall. (Ignore my obnoxious voice. Am I the only one who absolutely hates how I sound on camera?) The end of it makes me laugh. Oops...

This is Norah's favorite song. It's pretty catchy and rather funny (my favorite part is the dragon) - they know what they're doing over there on Sesame Street. Norah is never as entertained as when she's watching this video. One time is never enough. (I should just put this on repeat when I need to get things done.) And now she's obsessed with Elmo, in the cutest way possible.

And here are a few pics from the past week:
Man, these carts are no fun to push! And of course our first attempt with it was during Rosauer's 13-Hour Thursday baking sale. The aisles were PACKED, and there was no room for this beast. 

 My friend Aubrey hosted a little craft night where she helped us make our own signs, including mine and several others. I love her work. Seriously, check out her Etsy page.

Poppa had to talk on the phone, but Norah insisted on story time. She loaded all the books onto his lap and climbed right up anyway. 

 This skinny girl can't keep her pants on.

And, finally, it's that time of year again. Rich got out his NBA standings board last night. Every time he sets it up, I feel like such an amazing wife (and here is written proof that I am). It still needs a few updates, but doesn't it look great? However, the board has never yet been hung up on the wall. I mean, is there really a good place for this in a two-bedroom apartment?

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