Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Picture Catch-Up

I've been doing a lot of posts lately, but I still feel behind. I have quite a few everyday pictures I want to post.

Sometimes, Norah just decides the floor is more comfortable.



Norah is almost always up before I get her in the morning, so I love when I find her like this. And I was able to snap a picture before she woke up. That never happens. 

She loves to color. She'll stand by the bookshelf where we keep the coloring books and beg and beg for me to take them down.

Rich traveled with the Gonzaga Cross Country team last weekend, so Norah and I hung out. We went to just about every store in Spokane looking for kitchen rugs. No luck yet. This is Norah checking out the wonderful finds at Big Lots.

Speaking of Rich traveling, he flew into LAX right before that crazy shooting happened. He actually got re-Tweeted by a local news channel, and they called him for a phone interview for the 5 o-clock news. (You can watch it here.) He and the team had just gotten on a shuttle out of the airport, so they didn't get caught in the mess. It's terrible what happened, and I'm so grateful Rich and the team were safe from it.

 The team was racing in the West Coast Conference Championships at Pepperdine University in Malibu. Rich sent me this picture.

I sent him this one to show him what he was missing in Spokane.

The men's team finished 4th overall and are looking forward to Regionals next week. 

 BYU was also at the meet, which meant Rich got to see (and cheer - shhhhh! Don't tell!) for little sister Andrea. She had a FANTASTIC race, finishing 7th overall and earning 1st team All-Conference honors, leading the BYU women's team to a tie for 2nd place.

This smile looks a little familiar. Oh yeah, just check out the picture right above this. It's such a Nelson smile! 

I brought some clothes that Norah has never worn in to Other Mothers, a local consignment shop, and ended up getting $30 in store credit. I scored this brand new (still in the box!) stroller (because our jogging stroller is a beast and takes up SO MUCH SPACE) and a life jacket, and still have store credit to spare.

Okay, this little girl is just styling. And I finally found skinny jeans that are skinny on Norah! (Go to Old Navy if you want skinny jeans for a skinny toddler.)

 I really want to fix Norah's hair in little pigtails, but this is the closest we get to it right now. A little goofy, I know.

Again, styling. These are also supposed to be skinny jeans, but just not for Norah.

Norah has started this squinting thing when I go to take a picture of her. Our camera has a little light that flashes before the flash goes off, and if she sees that little light, she squints. It's not that bright!

We were both so excited when Daddy got home from his trip. Norah wouldn't leave him alone, even though he was a sickie.


I keep trying new ways to style Norah's hair, trying to figure out what to do while it grows in. Obviously, parting it down the center is not the answer. I looks like a bad toupee.

 And, finally, this is the current state of our apartment. We just got a storage space and pulled out everything from our closets that we can stand to store. I am so excited to get this stuff out of our apartment because Norah's room was just being overrun with boxes. I want our apartment to feel more like a home, so I just wanted to get the clutter out. Hopefully, the stuff gets moved tonight.

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