Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best Present Ever (Well...In My Top 5)

So I have an obsession with sports. The secret is out.

Along with this obsession comes a strange fascination with team logos. I used to draw the NBA team logos and put them up on my wall (colored-in perfectly, of course). I also love tracking the progress of teams and looking at the current standings on a daily basis. I appeased the baseball nerd in me by buying an MLB standings board a couple of seasons ago that includes a little batting helmet for each team. However, since then I have always wanted a similar contraption for the NBA. I described to Shara one day what they should invent to please basketball nerds like me...and apparently she was taking more careful notes than I realized because on Christmas morning I opened this:

That's right. My wife is AWESOME. She went online and printed out every NBA team's jersey and logo and mounted them on magnetic paper. She even included the Eastern and Western Conference logos and a complete Finals bracket for when the playoffs roll around!! Her thumb is still a little numb from all the intricate cutting...

I wouldn't have been able to guess in a million years what the present was while it was wrapped. She included a big magnetic frame which she will put to good use during the off-season...unless I get a baseball or football set next year. Not even Santa's elves could have followed through the way Shara did this year. She even offered to hang it up in the kitchen...which even I have been a little hesitant about. Needless to say, my evil plot to brainwash her into my sports-infested fantasy world is nearly complete. Thanks honey!!!!


  1. when i first read this, i thought, wow, i didn't think shara was that into sport. well it soon became apparent that this was rich writing. funny. glad to hear you had a great christmas!!

  2. So you wife best wife present ever! Seriously - super col and extra super cool for making it.

  3. That is AWESOME!!! Shara is my kind of girl!

    You & Ty are really alike, huh?

    Good work. Brainwashing is possible & results in happy husbands. (Yes, I am proud of my NJ Nets brainwashing :) Haha)

  4. That is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! I want one too Shara