Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rich's Update

Ok, so I guess I'm supposed to give an update of what I am up to. Though I think that everyone is a little Riched-out because it seems this whole blog has been about my running so far...which is pretty much all I've been up to! This long track season that started in January is just about over. I will be relieved at the end of the week when my season is officially done, but also excited for cross country that is just round the corner. Running keeps my busy 360 days a year!

I'm also taking independent study courses for BYU which has turned out to be a real bummer. If there is anything I hate more than homework, it is homework in the summertime! But fun is on the way because I get to work the BYU track and cross country camps in July and then Shara and I are going to Washington for a little bit in August.

Sidenote: I went into the MTC 5 years ago today...time really flies.

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