Sunday, June 7, 2009


Rich and I are really excited for Nationals this week! We leave tomorrow and will be traveling pretty much all day to get to Fayetteville, Arkansas, home of the University of Arkansas and the 2009 NCAA Track and Field Nationals.

The semifinals of the steeplechase will take place on Wednesday at 8:15 PM (central time). We're going to be cheering for Rich to have a second race, the finals, on Friday at 6:40 PM. The Friday race is going to be broadcast on CBS College Sports, but no one really has that channel. We've heard a rumor that the race is going to be on as well, but that may not be true. Hopefully if you want to watch it, you'll be able to find some way!

Rich is going to have quite a bit of family support at this race, which is great. I am flying to Arkansas with Rich and the rest of the team. Grandma Nelson and Aunt Marj live about half an hour away in Rogers, Arkansas, so they're going to be there. Rich's mom is also flying out on Tuesday and staying with Grandma Nelson, so she'll be able to be there, too. If Rich makes it to finals, then his dad is going to come down for the race on Friday. Rich will have a pretty good cheering section, and we're excited to see some family! This is going to be a pretty fun week for the Provo Nelsons!


  1. Can't wait. Wish we were there too.

  2. Shara,

    give us some live updates on what is going on and how everyone is feeling.