Thursday, November 5, 2015

June Photo Drop, Part 2

I want to get to where I can blog about what's going on right now, but first I have a lot of catching up to do.

Let's get to work.

As I look back at all of these pictures, I realize just how much Jack has grown up. You truly don't realize how quickly a baby changes! June does not seem long ago at all, but I no longer have a newborn. I haven't had one for a long time.

 Getting the hang of smiling. And here he still has that baby acne.

The puppy was eating in this picture. We're still on the puppy kick right now.

Love how this girl sleeps, and ALWAYS with Lambie and Pink.

The Colvers came to Utah, and we were able to meet up with them for an evening at the splash pad. Norah wasted no time getting right back to playing with her boyfriend. She still prays for him every night.

I got pretty lucky with this girl. When it gets too quiet and most other parents would start to get worried, I usually find Norah doing something like this. This probably means Jack will be a terror, huh?

I have also forgotten how much a newborn sleeps. ALL THE TIME. I like being on much more of a schedule now.

That one time when Norah actually took a nap. And then I tried to wake her up and she fell back asleep in the middle of her toys. 

I haven't had her hair cut since June. I've got to get it done again soon because her little bob is way too adorable.

The Jazz had a big draft party at the (former) ESA, but we had a newborn so we decided to hold our own draft picnic. What is it about eating on the floor that gets a 3-year-old so excited?

Once she got used to the idea of having a brother, she just fell in love with him.

 We got to go cheer on Skyler at a track meet. He dominated the competition.

(Just don't tell him Jack slept through the whole thing.)

 Family Olive Garden lunch date to celebrate Rich turning in his capstone and being done with grad school! FOREVER!

 Earlier in the month, we met up with the Durhams at the Boondocks in Draper for what was supposed to be a fun night with friends. Until Norah threw up. Three different times. Yeah, we were those people. So later in the month we took her to the Boondocks in Kaysville to make up for it. Jack slept through all of it again.

More sibling bonding time

My freshly bathed baby. Wrapped in a pink towel because buying new things for baby #2 is overrated.

Sorry this seems a little haphazardly put together, but I just want to be done with the catching up game.

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