Sunday, November 8, 2015

Jack's Blessing Weekend

Doug and Edie came to town in July for the Young family reunion, so we planned Jack's blessing for when they would be there.

We were able to attend part of the reunion up American Fork Canyon.

There was a candy cannon. Every little kid's dream come true - candy raining from the sky.

Be still, my heart.

 They also played live-action Hungry Hungry Hippos. Norah loved being able to play with Hailey and Whitley, who just have such a love of life and all things fun. It's contagious when you're around them.

I feel absolutely terrible, but we hardly took any pictures on the day of Jack's blessing. It's pretty embarrassing, really.

The Harrisons were able to come basically for just the blessing, and then they were on their way to move to Mississippi/Tennessee!

After the blessing, we had a lunch at the conference room in my dad's office building. (We learned at Norah's birthday party that our apartment maxed out at about 6 people.)

The star of the day

And those, unfortunately, are the only pictures I got from the day. Yep, embarrassing. I did dress the little man in his outfit again the next day to snap some a couple more pictures. Those didn't really turn out, either. Sigh...

Terrible shot, but mid-sneeze so it's still adorable.

Basically the only two shots I liked from what I got. At least it's something.

After the blessing, we headed to Grandma Farnsworth's house for the closing of the Young reunion.

I love how willing three-year-olds can be to take pictures.

 Before Doug and Edie went back to Spokane, they were able to help us out by taking me and Jack to his two-month appointment. Even in the little time they were at our place, Poppa managed to take a nap with Jack, though it seems only one of them slept.

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