Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bees Game

Rich's experience of working for Fanzz and the Larry H. Miller Group has been really good so far. The Larry H. Miller group is able to offer some fun perks to its employees, so we've been able to to take advantage of some of them. In July, they sponsored a dinner and a Salt Lake Bees game, and we were able to go.

On our way there, we passed Santa in his summer ride.

They had a Hawaiian BBQ restaurant cater the dinner, so we had some yummy pulled pork and some kind of chicken-curry-but-Hawaiian dish. And hot dogs for the kids. What would we do without the ease of hot dogs?

I honestly don't remember much of the game. There was a home run in there (pretty sure it was hit by the other team). And we had some fun snacks provided by the Larry H. Miller group. But we ended up leaving early because we had an infant, so I have no idea who won. Sorry.

 Sometimes Norah insists on making "funny" faces instead of smiling. 

 They threw out these visors during the game, and Norah was lucky enough to get one. Nothing beats catching things at a game!

Thank you Larry H. Miller group and Salt Lake Bees!

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