Thursday, October 3, 2013

Happy October!

Welcome to October, everyone! The weather is a little chilly here in Spokane, but that just means cocoa season is upon us! Pretty soon, I'm going to make my first batch of caramel apple cider cookies of the season, if I only could only find caramels! Seriously, though, there have been NO caramels at Walmart the past four times we've been. I really need to hit up another store.

Not much to report this week - just a few pictures to post, and even a couple videos, too!

I was going through some pictures and videos I was able to recover from my old phone and found this adorable one.  I forgot that she used to love this game. I love Norah's laugh in it, and it's amazing to see how much her laugh has changed as she's gotten older. Can you believe this video was taken almost a year ago?!

And then here's this from just last month. She sounds so much older!

 We have a little wooded area next to our apartment, and Norah and I like to go for walks in there. I didn't realize just how amazing this shot was until later. Just strutting her stuff.

Norah knows how to do this puzzle all by herself now, and she's started to copy how Rich will stand the pieces up. She is learning so much!

We were at Grandma and Poppa's house hanging out in the living room, and Norah started signing "more" (at Grandma and Poppa's, that means "cookie"). She'd already had a few, so I was trying to ignore her, hoping she'd forget. A couple minutes later, she walked in carrying a box of cookies almost as big as her. No one was listening to her, so she solved her own problem.

Happy birthday, Grandma Nelson!

I was trying to clean, so I just let this happen.

It reminded me of this:

 We got to put up our Halloween decorations! (Still on the lookout for a Norah costume.)

 Rich's handiwork for our calendar this month. Isn't it perfect?

If the calendar didn't do enough to prove how much of a sports fan Rich is, here's another piece of evidence. His MLB standings board, all ready for playoff season. (He also has an NFL one, all set up, and an NBA one he's just itching to get ready.)

 I found this guy while making our bed a couple days ago. Yuck! He's a teeny thing, but still, yuck! I tore the sheets back to make sure there wasn't a nest at the foot of the bed. No sign of anything, and no more since then... It had better stay that way.

 For mutual, Sister Wallace taught the Laurels how to do some watercolor, and she tricked me into doing it, too. Mine turned out much better than I thought it would, but, believe me, I know I'm no artist.

Norah's new favorite game is being wrapped up in a blanket. She tries to keep it on as long as she can, whines once it falls off, and then begs me to put it on her again. (She likes this game much more than me.)

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  1. Okay Shara this post kills me! Norah is so so SO SO SO SO Cute!!!!! I wish she lived closer. She is so cute and so smart. I love watching what she can do. She is such a little smarty pants. I love your posts and I love Norah