Sunday, October 20, 2013

Family Pictures

The last time we took family pictures, Norah was 7 months old. She couldn't run away (heck, she couldn't even crawl yet), and she liked being held. Needless to say, taking pictures with a 17-month old is a completely different experience.

I have decided to divide this post into two different sections. First, you'll see the good ones, the ones that will end up on Facebook and our Christmas card. Then, you'll see the mishaps, most of which I find quite hilarious.

Here are the good ones:


Norah wasn't cooperating for this one, but I still kind of like it. 

This is probably my favorite of all of them. 

I love Norah's smile in this one because she's actually showing her teeth! 

 And then she just looks super cute in these with the pumpkins (don't mind our reflections in the door).

Okay, so those are the good, normal ones. These next ones show more of what it's like taking pictures with our rather crazy child who reached emotional extremes in our hour-long photo shoot.

When I saw this picture, I immediately thought of this:

Does anybody else see it, or is it just me?

We went to Finch Arboretum, where there was plenty of space for her to run like crazy! 

Okay, now watch the progression of Norah's hand in these next three, and also notice her facial expressions.

I can't stop laughing at it! 

 "No, I will not sit still!"

And, we were definitely not without tears. She's a pretty good pouter, which I'm not sure is a compliment.

I guess this is just the way family pictures will go from now on. I might as well get used to it.


  1. First your good ones are adorable. Second the pumpkin ones are adorable. Third totally thought of big foot too. Fourth we just had the same experience with Kelsey yesterday and it was awful with a 17 month old. And last the progression of three pic was obviously HILARIOUS!! I can't stop laughing and looking at them. Her face pretty much sums it all up. I loved those ones so much