Thursday, June 24, 2010

USA Nationals

This may be my last ever post about how to watch one of Rich's races. That's really weird.

2010 USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships Logo

Tomorrow, Rich races in the prelims of the USA National Championships. This is different from NCAA Nationals because this includes professionals, actually is for professionals. Like Walter Dix. And distance runner Galen Rupp (He just signed a $1 million contract with Nike with a $2 million signing bonus. Sure, that's nothing compared to what LeBron's about to get, but for a runner?!)

Rich's goal for this race is to run his heart out in the prelims to get a new personal best time. If that gets him to the finals, then we'll see what he can do there.

You can watch his race online tomorrow from this address:

He races at 3:15 MT, and he'll be in the first of two heats. The video isn't exactly the best, but at least it's something!

There will also be some coverage on ESPN tomorrow night from 6-8 MT. They might (though I'm not sure) do a recap of the steeplechase.

The steeplechase finals are on Sunday. Could be Rich's first Sunday race... That will be shown live on ESPN at 11:50 AM MT. Finally, a channel that people have.

It's really weird to think that this might be Rich's last steeplechase. I really don't want it to be. As much as I hate it when he goes on trips, running is a big part of him and of our family, especially the steeplechase. I just don't think either of us are ready to see that end. But it can't last forever, right?

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