Friday, June 18, 2010

Two-Time All-American

Last week, Rich competed in NCAA Nationals, and he finished 8th place, earning his his second All-American title in the steeplechase. This is, of course, an amazing honor. But it was a little bittersweet for us in the Nelly household. Rich had the potential to be one of the top competitors in the race, but it just wasn't meant to happen this time. Still, he obviously gave the race everything he had, and Rich can now proudly display his trophy and a second All-American plaque (although if it's like the last one it will take about a year to get it!

We got a pleasant surprise on the morning of race day. I knew Rich's parents were driving from Spokane for the final race, and I was pretty sure little sister Andrea was coming, too. But, we didn't know who else was coming! As we were waiting for them to get there, I looked out the window and saw the infamous Nelson van (lovingly nicknamed "The Shaggin' Wagon"), and I wondered why they needed a van for 3 people. Then Rich says, "I think that's Scott..." We both ran outside and found there was a reason for the Wagon - inside were Mom and Dad Nelson, Grandma Nelson, Andrea, Andrea's friend, and Scott. It's always great to have a large cheering section!

Rich was so excited to see everyone there, but seeing Scott really meant a lot to him because Scott is probably Rich's second biggest fan (of course, I'm number one). Awesome job, family, on keeping Scott's trip to the race a secret!

Here are some pictures from our trip to green, wet, rainy, track-loving Eugene.

The most beautiful water jump I've ever seen (they LOVE track)

Rich doing a water jump during prelims

Getting his trophy

Coach Eyestone and us with the loot

Next week, Rich is going to Des Moines, Iowa, for USA Nationals. He's main goal is to get a personal best that will get him on the BYU top-10 board!


  1. I loved every minute of it! I had been planning on coming all year, I just had to work out the details.