Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thank Goodness for Fire

For Memorial Day, Rich and I thought it would be fun to go fishing with Cami and Ethan. Let's just say an hour drive to Strawberry Reservoir, yards of tangled line, the loss of a brand new $6 lure, and no fish later, it was a bad idea.

At least we had a backup plan. Bonfire. We drove into Provo Canyon and found the PERFECT spot. We brought hot dogs and marshmallows for roasting (though we had been planning on cooking up some of the fish we caught). I was afraid Rich's frustration would last through the bonfire, but, seriously, nothing cheers a guy up like fire. Our food was delicious (why does cooking things over a fire make them taste so good?), and we had a fun time.

At least some of our Memorial Day was a success.

At the bonfire site (you can tell because Rich is smiling - fire works miracles). Yes, I like this picture, as you can probably tell from seeing it at the top of the page.

Cami, Ethan, and me around our bonfire (sorry the picture is so blurry - our camera doesn't do well in the dark)

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  1. is the reel new? When we got our reels they tangled EVERY time! We found that we needed to pull the line out first all the way before using them. So we went to the park, Karolyn held the end, and I walked until the line was all the way out. We then reeled it back in and never had a tangle problem again. (this was after 3 trips were ruined due to tangles.)