Thursday, June 10, 2010

On to Finals

This is just a short post to say that Rich had a great race yesterday in the prelims here at Nationals. He finished 5th in his heat, which is just what he wanted to do, though it made his family nervous (especially Scott). They're used to Rich giving it his all to finish on top. However, that was not the plan for the race yesterday. He knew he needed to do just enough to qualify for finals while still saving as much energy as possible for the race.

After the race, Rich's sister Christine called me to say that he had made them nervous when they were watching because he was hanging back. They weren't sure how he was feeling and was afraid he wasn't going to qualify. I assured her, and many others, that he knew what he doing and was watching his back to make sure he was in the top 6.

So, the final race is tomorrow! We're pretty excited here! Rich's parents get here tonight, and we've just been taking it easy here, making sure Rich is plenty well rested for the race (which means we see plenty of the hotel room).

If you get CBS College Sports, you should definitely watch this race. Tune in tomorrow night at 6 PT and look for Rich in his white BYU uniform!

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