Saturday, September 5, 2015

May Photo Drop

I only have four photos to put on this post, but they didn't fit anywhere else.

The Utah Jazz had a draft party at the Energy Solutions Arena, but I wasn't too thrilled about bringing a newborn to it. So, we had our own little party instead with an indoor picnic (don't you love our ghetto picnic blankets? So much easier to clean!). Rich working at Fanzz has really gotten us excited about all things Jazz - I don't think we've ever been more excited about a draft before.

Norah got a couple games for her birthday, and she has LOVED Cooties. She asks for it basically every day. (And, oh my goodness, our apartment looks like a disaster here! There was definitely a learning curve for me when Jack was born.)

Another birthday gift, this one from the Kirtleys. She loves her scooter, and doesn't she look adorable in her helmet?!

First real bath. The sponge bath stage, before the umbilical cord falls off, is the worst. I stink at it, and both of my babies have hated it. But, once they were able take a real bath, they have loved it.

Yeah, that's it for May. But I really wanted to get pictures up!

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