Thursday, April 18, 2013

So Big

When Norah and I were in Utah a couple months ago, my grandma taught Norah a new trick. When we say, "So big!", Norah raises her arms high up over her head. Like so...

It's adorable. And that pretty much sums up this post. This little girl is getting so big!

She still loves her books. She'll sit and babble to herself while turning the pages. I love it! 

She's had this red bump on her cheek since she was about 5 months old. The doctor said it's most likely a vascular birthmark, and it will go away eventually. We'll call it her beauty mark. 

It's always fun to peek at Norah while she's asleep. She moves around so much, and often ends up in odd positions. This one is my favorite. I don't know how that's comfortable, but she was sound asleep. (And do you notice that she does actually have hair?!)

 You can just glimpse her upper front teeth in this shot. The top front four all decided to come in at once, so that's been fun for no one.

She LOVES her blankie. It's so cute how she cuddles it close to her when she picks it up. She doesn't sleep without it now.

 Norah eats almost anything. Except apricots when you cut them up in pieces for her. She eats pureed apricot just fine but made the worst sour face when she fed herself these pieces. It's the exact same thing!

Oh, and she hates broccoli. With a passion.

Other than those, she eats almost anything. Her favorites are yogurt bites, bananas, and carrots.

Our poor Mariners fans. At least they're cute.

Norah had a checkup this past Monday, at about 11 months old, and I was a little shocked at her weight stat.

Height: 29 7/8" (85th percentile). Head circumference: 18" (75th percentile). Pretty consistent with her past numbers. 

Weight: 17 lbs. 12 1/2 oz. - 25th percentile! That's down from 40th at her 6-month checkup.

I know that's not incredibly small, but I thought she had gained so much weight. There is something definitely wrong with our bathroom scale because it said she was 19 lbs. Lies! She eats so well, and she does have a bit of a gut. But then, I looked again at her arms and legs, and they really are quite scrawny. And she lacks the little rolls that other babies in our family have (i.e., Kelsey and Cohen). Oh well, she's perfect the way she is.

She crawls like a champ. She conquered going up the stairs and Grandma and Poppa Nelson's house within a week of crawling, and she pulled up at about the same time. She cruises along furniture all the time. She can even balance for maybe a second on her own, but not any longer. She doesn't really have much interest in walking, so that might be a while still. I guess she needs to bulk up her legs before she can get moving!


  1. My babies never had rolls on their legs...I think it just depends on the baby. I can't believe that she's almost ONE!

  2. Shara - she is just DARLING!! Cute photos and I love the updates!

  3. Super cute Norah! Love her! She and Trey can have their own club... he was down to the 2nd percentile at his 1 year appointment... SO there ya go! They can be skinny minnies together ;)