Sunday, February 10, 2013

Long Time, No See

I wish I had a good reason for not blogging more. But I don't. Maybe I don't feel our life is that interesting, but that never stopped me from posting before.

Well, if you are interested in our lives, here is a picture recap of the past few months:

Norah sure has changed a lot since this picture was taken! She was still swaddled to go to sleep in this picture. Not anymore, thank you very much! 

Norah played the part of raccoon for Halloween this year. The cutest raccoon I've ever seen!

We actually waited until after Thanksgiving to put up our tree this year. We love Christmas around here. Every year, each family member gets to pick a new ornament for the tree. This year, we were excited to find the perfect ornament for Norah. We also added Ralphie (mine) and Perry the platypus (Rich's) to the collection.


Ward Christmas Party

Rich's Birthday

I still don't know what color her eyes are. Light brown, I guess?

 Fredrickson Family Christmas Party - Norah's first time sitting on Santa's lap

In my opinion, these are probably just about the two cutest pictures ever taken.

We did New Year's Eve with Rich's siblings (missed you, Carolyn and Aaron!). Norah even woke up to help ring in the new year. Or the neighbor's fireworks woke her up, one of the two.

Can you tell they're related? It's all in the eyes.

Norah and Kelsey are only two weeks apart. These two could hardly look more opposite. (And don't you love Norah's goofy face in this picture?)

Trey is about 4 months older than Norah. I love that she has so many cousins close to her age (there are two more on my side born in the same year, too).

Norah recently graduated to the big girl tub from the kitchen sink. She loves it. You also might be able to spot her two teeth in this picture.

One of Norah's favorite pastimes is taking everything out of her toy box. I'm completely fine with that because it means she's not getting into something off limits.

I did not pose this picture in any way. This means she's going to be a reader like her momma, right?

In non-pictured news...

Norah had two teeth pop up the day after Christmas (not a fun business to get them, let me tell you). She started crawling about halfway through January. Now I'm thinking she might walk soon, but we said that for two months about crawling, so I don't really have any idea.

Also about halfway through January, we (finally) stopped swaddling her to sleep. Just quit cold turkey. There really was only one rough night, and then maybe two weeks of keeping a hand on her while she fell asleep so she wouldn't steal the pacifier out of her own mouth. Now, we couldn't be more pleased that naptime and bedtime only involve laying her down in her crib and letting her put herself to sleep. She can sleep through the night, and has for the past five nights now, so I hope this is the new normal. She is finally a good eater, too, which I never thought that would happen. She loves both bottles and solids.

She is still kind of a skinny girl, but she has to have gained quite a bit of weight since her 6 month appointment (when she was 40th percentile for weight, 90th for height). She has experienced her first real illness, a pretty rough cold. Now I know what people mean when they say babies get cuddly when they're sick. Norah is too much of a mover to cuddle, but she barely picked up her head off my shoulder during the worst of it.

She doesn't have much hair still, but it's growing. Sometimes she even gets bedhead. She also has this little red bump on her right cheek that you can see in some of the pictures (I may or may not have edited it out in a few of them). It's been there since she was at least 3 months old. The doctor said not to worry, so we'll just wait it out, I guess. She also experienced her first plane ride and now has two round trips to Utah under her belt.

Wow, that was quite the Norah overload.

And here's to 2013 and blogging more frequently!


  1. Those are some rather darling pictures of her!

  2. :) enjoyed the update.
    blogging to me isn't about being interesting for other people. it's about a place to write down & remember things that are important to ME & also have a way to share them with grandparents & family & friends who will care about the normal, every-day life we live :)
    You guys are such a cute fam!