Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It Got Cold

Spokane was spoiled for most of October. The weather was wonderful - I barely needed a jacket! I could still go running in shorts and a short-sleeve shirt. But now the cold has come, and I'm afraid it's here to stay. Along with the rain.

And the rain means a real trial to my running commitment. This is the week that I broke my streak.

Once Rich got home on Monday, I somehow talked myself into bundling up to go run in the cold. Rich also volunteered to come along with bundled-up Norah. I put on running tights and a long-sleeve shirt and should have gotten out the hat and gloves but forgot. We bundled Norah up in her snowsuit and got her all loaded into her car seat.

(Sorry for the crummy quality - phone picture)

Then, we walked out the door.

And saw the rain.

Upon which, we turned right back around and changed into sweats.

I stuck to my program for 10 weeks straight, but I'm afraid that's the most I can brag about. I haven't gone once this week because it's been drizzly on the nights when I've had time, and I don't run in the rain. Cold, maybe. Rain, no. Once things clear up, I hope I'll get back on track again. For now, I'm going to bundle up and snuggle with Norah.

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