Sunday, September 30, 2012


Norah has decided that nursing is just not for her. As in, she'll eat for 5 minutes and then yell and scream for another 15 until I give up. But then, she'll take a bottle right after because she's still hungry. I have no idea what brought this on, and I have never heard of this happening before (although I'm not exactly a baby expert). The doctor didn't really have any solid idea of what was going on either. Silly Norah. You are way too young for an eating disorder.

So, we are now on a (mostly) bottle-fed routine (she'll still nurse for nighttime feedings when she's too tired to really know the difference). It's not too bad, but I am pumping and pumping is more than a little annoying. My sister recently moved to pumping for her little boy, and I really admire her because she has two other crazies (her word, not mine) calling her mommy, too. It takes so much time, and I find it hard to sit still for 15-30 minutes four times a day. Plus, I usually try to do it while Norah is asleep, so that eats my precious free time. And I don't have any other kids!

Oh well. It's a decent solution to our weird little problem. Norah is eating better, and I'm a lot let less frustrated (as in I don't cry when it's time to feed Norah anymore). Plus, bottles are great when you have places to go, like church. And Rich can feed her, too. It's worth the effort. Just don't know why it's necessary.

I have this list of questions I want to ask in the next life, and this one made the list: "Heavenly Father, why did Norah decide to stop nursing? Not mad or anything, just curious."

And here's a Norah fix for the grandmas out there. She's so dang cute when she's waking up. Okay, she's so dang cute all the time.

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  1. Hi Shara! My name is Nicole Tenny. I hope it's not too weird that I'm commenting on your blog. I am an old friend of Rich's. We go way back, we were pals in high school and we grew up in the same ward. I found your guys' blog through a mutual friend, Sean McGrath...anyway, the reason I am commenting is because I want to let you know that I was totally in the same boat with my new little one. Our first son, Mackay, is 4 months old and he decided to stop nursing too! We went to pumping and bottle feeding and he took the bottle so much better. It was the weirdest thing! I just wanted to offer my support and let you know that you're not alone in your frustration, I would cry every time I had to feed Mackay too! :) ... But, like you said, bottle feeding does have it's perks! We eventually had to go straight to formula because Mack developed an intolerance to breast milk, but that had nothing to do with pumping or bottle feeding. So, you go girl, keep it up! Feel free to email me if you want to, I hope it's ok that I totally blog stalked you this morning and found this blog entry to hit so close to home that I just had to comment. :)

    P.S. Norah is SUCH A DOLL! My goodness what a sweet little thing!