Tuesday, September 4, 2012

All of a Sudden

I don't know what has changed between now and a week ago, but Norah has become one fantastic sleeper.

Well, I kind of know what has changed. The biggest sized SwaddleMe saved my life and has brought us back to one feeding during the night (and even none sometimes). This baby just needs to be swaddled, or else she startles herself awake too easily. About half the time she is able to work one of her hands up towards her mouth, but it's still swaddled in tightly so it's not a big deal.

But even more amazing is how quickly and well she falls asleep on her own now. We used to have to hold her for about half an hour any time we wanted to put her in her crib. Not anymore! She goes straight into her crib, drowsy but awake, and falls asleep ON HER OWN. I never thought that we would reach this point, but, alas, it gloriously has arrived! She fusses sometimes, but we've never had a fullout cry-it-out session. She has also started taking two great naps most days, too, without much fuss. It's wonderful!

I don't know if the Baby Whisperer's method was the solution. It might have helped, but I wasn't exactly following it religiously. Whatever brought the change, this momma is beyond grateful!

Here's something I have learned about Norah. She will only sleep if you make it quite obvious that is her only option. She never dozes in her bouncy seat. She rarely falls asleep in your arms. She'll fall asleep in the car but wakes up almost as soon as you stop moving. I don't think she'll be one of those kids who falls asleep while eating. (She'll probably be that kid that needs that gets progressively more grumpy until she reaches meltdown point.)

And here are a couple cute pictures for anyone who needs a Norah fix (maybe that's just me).

I believe these were taken right before a diaper blowout. And she looks so innocent.

Can you tell she was getting way too big for this SwaddleMe? In the end, it just couldn't contain her.

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