Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Wednesday. That seems like a good day to update my blog. Let's see how many Wednesdays I can keep this up.

I've decided to not be afraid to share the pictures I take on my phone. They're not very good quality, but that's how I capture almost everything because my phone (or Rich's phone) is usually right there when I want it. Plus, losing so many pictures has helped me realize that any pictures, despite their quality, are better than no pictures at all.

Many of my pictures from the past week seem to have a common theme - Norah's playtime. She is a busy girl, getting in to everything and having tons of fun in the process. She loves to "read," and her current favorite book is "Go, Dog. Go!" She cracks me up on a daily basis with the things she thinks to do.

At Grandma and Poppa Nelson's house, Norah is allowed to go to town with the tupperware drawer. Norah loves to carry it around with her, so they'll probably be finding tupperware around their house for years.

A couple days ago, I watched my friend Aubrey's little girl, Alivia, for a couple hours. She and Norah had a lot of fun together, although I learned just how much Norah needs to learn to share. 

 After lunch, I was cleaning up the kitchen, and these two come up just like this. On her own, Alivia climbed into Norah's stroller, and then, again on her own, Norah decided to push her from the family room to the kitchen. It took me a little while to stop laughing.

Norah has this fascination with standing in this toy.

I'm not much of a baker, but lately I can't stop baking this bread. Cream cheese banana bread (I left out the nuts). Do yourself a favor - bake it.

Our Dodge Stratus is getting old. Words cannot describe how much I want a new car. Actually, just a second car. The Stratus can stay, but having only one car is getting really old.

Norah was having a rough evening on Sunday, but she calmed right down when Poppa read her a story. This is one of those pictures that just melts my heart. 

And they kept reading until all the furniture was gone.
(I guess that probably needs a little explaining. Grandma and Poppa got new carpet this week, so we had to clear out all the furniture.)

This room was done, so all the furniture got moved in here.
Can you spot Norah? 

Hiding in the arm chair, buried in her books. 

I decided to make a purse using this tutorial. I love the fabric I chose, but I'm not so sure I'm in love with the bag itself.

Lunchtime sleepy eyes 

Daddy was nice enough to share his popsicle.

Norah fell in love with this scrap of leftover carpet. Apparently, she approves of Grandma's choice.

I have a feeling every week is going to be a picture overload like this. If that means I have another backup for my pictures, then so be it.

And, of course, Happy Willie Day to all! Eat your peaches and be on the lookout for Willie Day miracles! I know the Nellys will!

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