Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Plea

Recently, our external hard drive decided to completely fail on us. The one with ALL of our pictures from ever on it.

When it happened, I had a complete meltdown. I called Rich at work, just bawling my eyes out. Stupid me, I didn't have the pictures backed up anywhere (don't worry, I've learned my lesson now). We brought the hard drive into a local computer place, and they were able to salvage almost all of our pictures from the past year and half, and that's awesome because those were all of our Norah pictures which were the most important to me. But anything that wasn't on our blog or Facebook before then is pretty much gone.

Pictures of Rich's running? Gone. Lake Powell trips? Gone. Parties? Friend get-togethers? Family vacations? Gone. Gone, gone, gone.

And I was just about to do a photo book for each year since Rich and I have been married. Shoot.

So, here comes my plea.

Would anyone who reads our blog be willing to send us any pictures you might have of anyone in our family?

Please, please, please!

I know that everyone has about a million pictures of their own, so this probably isn't an easy thing to do. But if you ever have the time to go through one of those folders with pictures from an event where the Nellys might have been, it would really mean a lot to us if you could share. We're talking forever grateful, here.

And that brings me to my new goal. I was reading through my friend Valerie's blog and was loving how many pictures she takes and posts. She tries to do (and almost always does) a post every week that talks about each day of that week, and there's almost always a picture for every day. I realized if I did that more often, losing our external hard drive wouldn't have been such a big deal. So, Val, thanks for the inspiration!

I'm posting this on here to hold myself more accountable: I want to try to do a post a week, for my own sake. I probably won't go through each day because, let's face it, being a stay-at-home with no car isn't exactly the most exciting thing, so I don't have too much to report. But I do want to try to have a picture for each day.

I hope you don't get sick of us!

I guess I'll close with a couple pictures. (I'm going to need to get better at taking more pictures, too, so I can live up to my goal.)

Norah's favorite breakfast: pumpkin waffles

Yeah, she did this on her own. Can't waste a single drop of that smoothie.

Aunt Andrea and Uncle Jed came to visit, and we got to float the Little Spokane with them. (Thanks for the pictures, Dre!)

Norah did great in the life jacket this time around - way better than Lake Powell. 

The wildlife did not disappoint on our float! Lots of ducks, some herons, a couple deer, a marmot, a beaver, and even a moose!

My cousin Cassandra gave us a new term for this disaster - a "toynado."

The peaches came on a little too early for Willie Day this year, so we had to celebrate early by going to Greenbluff for some picking. Oh my goodness, were they delicious. Norah, however, was more interested in the cows.

Norah loves to draw. Do not let her see the crayons, or you won't hear the end of it until she gets one.

Her love of drawing has led to her first drawing somewhere it shouldn't be. Luckily, it was only crayon on linoleum, so it came out easily.

Any time you sit down at the dinner table, Norah automatically folds her arms for prayers. That lasts about two seconds, but it's adorable. 

This has to be up there on my favorite Norah pictures list. It doesn't get much cuter than a messy marinara face.

It took me a little while to let Norah just go for it with the spoon. I was too afraid of the mess, but it's got to happen some time, right? (And I promise this isn't the only bib we use.)


  1. SO SAD about your pictures! I would have had a melt down, too. I'm glad I could inspire you! Sometimes it's a chore, but I'm always so happy that I have posted. Good luck! Norah is such a little doll!

  2. I tell people all the time that this situation would be my worst nightmare ever! So sad! This friend from afar wishes she had pics of your family to pass on! :(