Saturday, May 18, 2013

Birthday Girl

Tomorrow's the day. My baby turns 1. How on earth did that happen?

Today has been kind of fun because we've really been reflecting on exactly what was going on at different times exactly one year ago. Like right now one year ago, we were putting the finishing touches on packing our bags because we had a pretty good feeling that our little girl would be coming within 48 hours.

I'm almost tempted to set my alarm for 12:50 a.m. because that's when I woke up in labor a year ago tomorrow morning. Okay, not really tempted, but it's fun to think of all of these different moments and emotions from a year ago.

I do know that at church tomorrow I'm going to be awaiting 9:51 a.m. because a year ago tomorrow at that time, our lives changed forever. Norah Kate entered our world. What a joy she has been. I know the other parents out there can join us in saying that there are no words to describe the love you feel for your own child. We are so blessed.

This is my favorite picture from the day Norah was born. I couldn't get enough of this face.
Still can't.

And here is the birthday girl one year later. I feel like this picture perfectly sums up her personality. Happy, active, and fun.

Have fun being 1, Norah!


  1. Happy Birthday Norah! You sure are a Cutie!

  2. She is 1!!! Happy birthday Norah Kate! We love you!