Saturday, July 14, 2012

Road Trip, Part 1

The past few weeks were pretty busy for the Nellys. We made the road trip to Utah for a basically nonstop vacation. The trip was great (though exhausting), and some of the best news is that we didn't lose any of the pictures from our camera this time around! (I've also discovered how much fun Instagram is, so we have several phone pictures, too.)

Norah handled the drive pretty well. We left about 10:30 p.m. hoping she would sleep for pretty much the whole ride, and she sort of did. There was about half an hour where she was not a happy camper, but after that she slept from somewhere in Montana all the way to Ogden.


Lola, the first cousin Norah ever met

Grandma Burnham's Party

Grandma Burnham (my mom's mom), turned 80 at the end of June, and Rich and I were lucky enough to make it to her birthday party. A lot of my mom's family was there, so it was fun to see a lot of people I haven't in a while.

Norah with Uncle Brian

The cousins were taking turning sticking their fingers inside Norah's pacifier - oh to be a kid again

So Many Cousins

Norah is going to be lucky enough to have four cousins about her age. On the Nelson side, she has Trey,who was born in January, and Kelsey, who was born two weeks after her. (The other two on the Fredrickson side and are yet to be born, although baby Hugh is only eight days away now!)


Notice how bumpy and red Norah's face is? She had some kind of rash, but Rich's pediatrician uncle told us how to help her so be sure to notice in the pictures to come how much better her skin looks (and don't mind the boogers!)

Kelsey's Blessing

Cami and Ethan blessed their adorable little girl while we were there. Baby blessings are special experiences. Ethan gave his daughter a beautiful blessing, and this one made us especially excited for Norah's (which would come a week later). 

 Kelsey, the star of the day

4 generations on Rich's side

I can't get over Trey's amazing blue eyes!

 These two cousins could hardly be more different. It's crazy to see how different their personalities are, even when they're so young!

 Norah smiles all the time - I LOVE it!

Long day for Poppa

More Cousins

My mom can't resist matching outfits for the girl cousins.

 Grandma Kari had to get her Norah fix while she could.

 Oh my gosh, is Carson not the cutest?!

Handsome Skyler

4th of July

This picture does not do justice to how completely opposite these two are! Somehow Rich and I ended up with the long, skinny one! 

The soon-to-be newlyweds

Obviously a lot happened while we were in Utah - so much that I do not have enough time/patience to post it all right now. So, more to come later!

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