Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blessing Day

On July 8th, Rich was able to give Norah a beautiful baby blessing in my parents' ward. I would have liked to have her blessing in our ward, but it worked out better to do it in Utah since so much family was there. We felt very blessed for both of her grandpas, two of her great-grandpas, and six of her uncles to be in the circle, and, of course, to have Rich give her the blessing (we were one of those annoying groups that have a ton of men in the circle).

Norah's blessing was wonderful. I know Rich was inspired to say the things he did. I feel the overall message of her blessing was that she is loved, which is so true. We are so lucky to have Norah in our lives.

Norah's blessing dress was gorgeous (and overflowing out of her car seat!)

I feel like I have a special relationship with both of my grandpas. It really meant a lot that they were both able to stand in Norah's blessing circle.

Grandpa Max (rocking the fedora) 

Grandpa Burnham

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