Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Crap, It's Back

Remember SPK? Well, it's back. And I foolishly thought that I got rid of those stupid spots on my cornea a year ago.

But now there's something up with my right eye. Again. Things are a little blurry (sometimes, but not all of the time) and I can't wear contacts. Again. I'm going to the ophthalmologist. Again. I'm probably going to cry in front of him. Again.

Obviously, my goal is not to cry when he tells me I have to wear glasses for whatever length of time. But, if you know my family at all, you know we get emotional pretty easily. And I really HATE glasses. Not a good combination for me.

I never thought I would seriously consider lasik because I really don't mind contacts. And, I still can't seriously consider it because that's a lot of money that we should spend on things like rent, maybe, or food. But, if Bill Gates were to give me a couple thousand dollars (he could afford to give me a couple million, so I'm really not even asking for that much), I know how I would spend it.

I hope that I won't be a permanent glasses wearer. If the doctor tells me that, my willpower will most definitely break, and I will be bawling in front of him once more.

Wish me luck for Friday!


  1. Shara, I have a story to tell you.

    After 12 years of wearing contacts, I became a poor married college student and cheaped out by buying the least expensive contact solution possible. I believe this was my downfall. I got SPK and it returned every 6-9 months for several years even after proper treatment, switching to nicer solution, and getting more breathable contact lenses.

    Then I moved and started going to a new eye doctor. He recommended I try Clear Care (find it at Walmart), a peroxide based solution. It's slightly more expensive and you have to follow the instructions because otherwise you will hurt your eyes with the peroxide, but it cleans so much more effectively. It has been 3 years and I haven't seen the problem return!

    It's worth a shot, and my contacts feel so much fresher in my eyes now!

    Cousin Cassandra

  2. Well that sucks! I am also currently waiting for Lasik as well. I Bill Gates ends up sending you a couple thousand instead of all those Applebee's coupons, send his contact info my way.