Saturday, October 3, 2009

What is SPK?

It stands for superficial punctate keratitis, and it has something to do with spots on the cornea from wearing contacts too much. Whatever it is, it means I have to put these eye drops every 2 hours for at least a month.

This little guy costs about $20 a bottle and only lasts about a week. Not fun for a poor college student.

The whole every-2-hour-eye-drop-thing gets real fun in my 4-hour class on Tuesdays. I can either put them in in class (awkward) or go to the restroom every 2 hours (still awkward).

SPK also means I can't wear my contacts until it goes away, and that could be a very long time. I hate wearing my glasses.

SPK, please go away. I want to wear my contacts again.

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  1. holy smoke, finally found someone with the same thing. how did it end for you? I've developed a nasty blur on my right eye after 13 yrs or wearing contacts and doc said no contacts for 4-5 weeks? what ended up happening in your case? thanks