Friday, July 23, 2010

Welcome to Utah, Kirtley Family

My sister and her family just moved to Utah from Kentucky, and I am so excited to have them here! Carrie and I have lived too far apart for too long! It's going to be great spending more time with her, her husband, and her two adorable kids, Max and Lola!

Max in his gator pool - I think he's been swimming in it everyday since they moved

Lola and her adorable red hair (where'd that come from?!) - she's usually pretty smiley, but this was the only look I could get from her for a picture

Khloe (Tyson and Krystle's little girl) did not just move here, but I had to post a picture of those beautiful blue eyes! She is such a doll!

Let's just say with all of this family here, Rich and I are spending much more money on gas for trips from Provo to Ogden. (We went up last Sunday, I went up again Monday and stayed until Wednesday, we're going up again tomorrow, and I'll probably go up again sometime next week.)


  1. Hey, you said that you were looking for a new apartment; you could always move closer ;)

  2. I think the only moving you should do is right here in Utah. Thanks for the blog post, I was having a rough day, missing my old house and all; this made it better! Love you!