Thursday, July 15, 2010

Family Reunion

This is what it looks like when you try to cram tons of family into our little apartment:
(A little bit of chaos from dinner one night)

But it's all worth it when you have these adorable nieces and nephews:
(Not all of them - wish they all could have been here!)

This past weekend was the Farnsworth family reunion, as in all of Rich's mom's dad's siblings and their descendants. A LOT of people. 

And we got to experience "The Compound." What's that? Only every child's wildest dream fulfilled. Six families that live on the same block in Lindon (part of this family reunion) went in together to make a huge sports complex in their backyards. Let's see if I can remember everything: swimming pool with water slide and separate kiddy pool, a tennis court that doubled as basketball court with 6 hoops, 6 soccer goals outside, a separate indoor soccer field, indoor racquetball, 2 batting cages, put put golf holes, and to top it all off a train that circles the entire block. This place was nuts. Rich and Ethan were in heaven; they played soccer for hours in honor of the World Cup. Even Grandma Farnsworth took a ride on the train.

This family reunion brought to Utah Rich's sister Christine and her three kids from Colorado, another of Rich's sisters Carolyn and her three kids from South Dakota, and Rich's mom from Washington. It was great, though a little chaotic, to have everyone in town. 

Especially for adorable moments like this:
Camryn and Whitley (aka Wookie - her nickname from her dad)

And this:
(About to go swimming, aren't they so cute?!)

But it can get a little exhausting.
On Sunday night, Camryn put herself to sleep. Her mom went into the room to get her for a picture and found that she had read herself to sleep.

The family reunion's over now, but there is more family to come! My sister Carrie, her husband Ryan, and their two kids Max and Lola just moved to Utah from Kentucky. This means that my whole family is in Utah now. I can't wait to meet baby Lola!

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