Tuesday, April 13, 2010


At 2:50 today, I walked out of my last class of the semester.

No, wait, of my undergraduate life.


Yes, I still have finals and one more Independent Study class to take and student teaching to conquer until I have officially graduated, but I will never sit through a class again. Not until I get a master's someday, which is not really anywhere in the foreseeable future (I need a break from school).

Rich and I are completely done with sitting in classes at BYU. This is incredible. Now, let's just make it through our finals. Hopefully by this time next week Rich will only have to worry about how he's going to get a cap and gown for graduation.

Oh, and I found out where I am student teaching. Westlake High School in Saratoga Springs. It's not what I was expecting, but I'm excited. Two of Rich's great friends teach there, so at least I'll know someone on my first day of school, right?

Also, I passed both of my Praxis tests (teacher certification tests, I had to take two on the same day - history and psychology). It's a relief knowing $200 didn't go down the drain.

Finally, Rich has a HUGE race this Thursday at Mt. Sac. Pretty much any big name in the steeplechase is going to be there, including past Olympians. It's going to be broadcast on Flotrack. Here is a link. He races at 6:15 (Pacific time). Should be great!


  1. That is so cool, you get to student teach at Westlake! Congratulations on being done with classes, so exciting!

  2. yea for being done! How far is Westlake?

  3. Well, from where we are now, it's probably about half an hour. But we're planning on moving by the end of the summer, so we'll hopefully be a little closer. We'll see what we can find.

  4. I remember walking out of my last final at the testing center thinking that there should be some sort of party out the back door. I even told some stranger that I had just taken my last test. It's a very surreal feeling, especially since there isn't more school in your near future. Congratulations to you and Rich for finishing up the year!

  5. Okay we totally live in S Springs! That's pretty dang close to us! You guys should come buy a townhome in our development. =)