Sunday, April 11, 2010

Picture Update

Rich and I have actually been pretty good at taking pictures lately, so I wanted to put a few photos. This post is long, so I understand if you only look at the pictures.

Scholarship Banquet
I just have to say that some people are amazing. Rich has been able to have an athletic scholarship because someone, Henry Marsh (former BYU runner who still holds the BYU record for fastest time in the steeplechase), is paying for it. And he's not the only one. This banquet was for both donors and athletes. These donors are paying for at least one athlete's entire tuition. That is so amazing to me, and I know Rich and I really appreciate that. Someday, when we have millions of dollars, we want to pay for a scholarship, too.

General Conference
On Easter Sunday morning, Rich and I drove up to Salt Lake to go to General Conference. Well, not really. We ended up watching a broadcast of it in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building because we didn't have tickets. We mainly went so I could see my former roommate/best friend for life (after Rich, of course). She's on a mission in Salt Lake right now (yes, she went from being in Provo for 3 years to a mission in Salt Lake). SLC missionaries are allowed to see friends and family in between sessions of Conference, so we met up with her (and her sister who's at BYU, her parents from Kentucky, and her grandparents from New York who all came to see her). It was fun to see her. I can tell that she is an amazing missionary.

Easter Dinner
Rich and I didn't really know what we were going to do for Easter until the day before. My mom was in Kentucky visiting our newest niece (Lola Grace Kirtley, born to Carrie and Ryan on March 16), so we didn't think we would be having dinner in Ogden. But, my Grandma Fredrickson knew my dad would be all by himself, so she had dinner at her place. My brother Tyson and his wife Krystle came with adorable baby Khloe. She is so stinkin' cute, and she's getting so big. My brother Skyler and I fight over who gets to hold her (he's going to be a great dad someday - he just needs to find himself the right woman). Dinner was delicious, and I think my dad really appreciated the company.

Jazz vs. Thunder
Rich has been wanting to go to this Jazz game all season so he would be able to see his two favorite players: D-Will and Kevin Durant. We went with a couple of his teammates and their wives and Skyler because he loves the Jazz. Rich's favorite Christmas present was a green D-Will jersey from Skyler, and he finally got a chance to wear it. (I am sporting Rich's brother's Stockton jersey from sometime in the '90s.) It was a really good game, intense at the end, but the Jazz won!

The Y Awards
I didn't know there was such a thing as the Y Awards until I married Rich, and I didn't know how big of a deal they were until I went to them last year. This is where BYU Athletics gives out different awards for athletic performance during the year. The school pays for presenters and nominees to get dresses and tuxedos. It's a big deal. Rich was a presenter this year, and he did a really good job (even though his friend Kyle made him laugh by whispering "Hi Richard!" to him while he was on stage). There was one award that kind of made me upset, though. I think that Kyle Perry, the whispering friend, should have won male athlete of the year because he was the national champion last year in the steeplechase. That's kind of a big deal. But, instead, Jimmer Fredette won it, making it his third personal award this year plus being a part of the team of the year. I have nothing against Jimmer - he's actually kind of my hero. But Kyle was a NATIONAL CHAMPION! How often does that happen?!

So, that's enough pictures for now. In other news, Rich is GRADUATING in a week and a half. That's so crazy! He has two more days of class and three finals until he is done with school. I'm jealous. But then, I'm pretty much done with classes, too. I just have student teaching in the fall, and then I will be able to join him in the land of the graduated. Hallelujah!


  1. Great post! We enjoyed looking at all your pictures and reading all your comments/stories! Looks like you guys are having lots of fun!

    As a little sidenote... as soon as Scott saw the picture at the Jazz game he SHOUTS... "HEY! Thats my jersey!" (He was NOT mad). So he appreciated the little shout out to him, or at least the clarification in your story :)

  2. Shara, glad the Stockton jersey is put to good use. Just please take good care of it so my Skyler can wear it in 8-10 years. He will think it is awesome!