Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm Obsessed

Lately, I've become obsessed with being crafty. I want to make so many things: headbands, quilts, clothes. Here are some of the adorable things I have found so far. I am going to be crafty this summer and make these things.

Adorable rosettes, that I want to put on a headband:

I still can't get over Becca's fabric. I 'm going to make a quilt out of some of it. I will use these ones:

(The whole line can be seen here)

And this dress, which I know I know I won't be able to make for a LONG time, but it is so CUTE:

Now I just need the time and the money for all of this.


  1. Those rosettes will be SO cute on a headband! I'm always jealous of your adorable hair accessories!

  2. oh my. those rosettes are so lovely. but warning- they look simple but they can be a beast to make. so be patient. but have fun looking great in them.

  3. great job on the rosettes! Once the crafty bug hits it sure is hard to get rid of!

  4. Let's have a craft day! I want to sew and craft all summer TOO!!!!!