Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I just wanted to say that I am done with finals. And I love it. Rich still has one more to take, so I'll try not to rub it in around him. That's why I'm writing about it here. I've already told Rich once, and I don't want to make him jealous.

Oh, and I tried to wear contacts last Saturday, and things did not turn out so well. I'm going to the ophthalmologist once again on Friday, and he can hopefully figure out what the deal is because the SPK problem should be gone by now. At least, you'd think it would be after 2 months of drops and 4 months without contacts. I hope he has some answers because I really hate wearing my glasses. I've gotten to the point where I take my glasses of for almost every picture. Some days I'm tempted to just not where glasses at all. I can at least see well enough not to run into trees.

This is what I feel like doing to my glasses sometimes.

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  1. At least you look cute in your glasses! Thats a plus!

    Congrats on being done!

    And if you guys haven't taken a romantic stroll down center street yet, go do it. At least while we were there all the stores/businesses did candy displays in their windows. IT was a lot of fun!