Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hogle Zoo

A couple Saturdays ago, Rich and I took a trip to the Hogle Zoo. Amazingly enough, this was only the second zoo I'd ever been to (not including Sea World, if that counts). Rich LOVES animals, so he'd been wanting to go for a while. Here are some pictures from our trip. My favorite animals were the red panda, the baby giraffe, and the kangaroo.


  1. That is a great zoo. We went up there in May. Come to Topeka and Skyler will show you around 'his' zoo. He owns the place as he goes there weekly.

    Glad Ranger Rick enjoyed the show.

  2. That is a fun zoo! I didn't know Rich was such an animal lover. Thats cute ;)

  3. HAHHAA SHARA I LOVE YOU and I LOVED the picture captions, hahahahahaha

  4. ok so guess what?!
    I just got one of those free calendars from utah community credit union that is all BYU themed. I hope you have seen it because Rich has a huge picture for August 2010. Quite a fun shock! Congrats!