Sunday, May 24, 2009

Conference Championships

Last weekend (May 14-16), Rich raced in the Mountain West Conference Championships in beautiful (well, maybe to someone...) Laramie, Wyoming. The best part, for me at least, was that I got to see the race! This was my first time seeing Rich race his race, the steeplechase. It was a long process for me to get there, but things really worked out well. I am so thankful to our family for all that they did in the long process to help me see it! To Pops Nelson for getting me to Denver. To the Kidds for letting me stay with them in Denver and then driving me up to Laramie for the race. To the Topeka Nelsons for taking me from Laramie to Salt Lake. And finally to my brother Skyler for the ride from Salt Lake to Provo. A long process, like I said, truly a family affair, and all well worth it!

Rich ran really well in the race, despite windy Wyoming conditions. He placed 2nd and got a pretty good time. Because of this, he was named to the 1st team, All-Conference. Another really cool part about the race was that BYU runners placed 1st (Kyle Perry), 2nd (Rich), and 3rd (Reagan Frey) in the race, sweeping the medals. The BYU men's team easily won the conference championship title.

Up next for Rich are Regional Chamionships in Eugene, Oregon, this weekend. Rich's parents and sisters Cami and Carolyn are going to be able to see that race, so he'll have more family support. Hopefully, Rich will make it to Nationals at this meet, which I get to go to if Rich makes it. I'll be cheering hard for him from Provo!

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