Friday, July 18, 2014

June Catch-Up

Things have been pretty busy around here, and I'm taking this chance when my sewing machine is currently back in the closet to catch up on a little blogging.

Here's a little bit of what June brought us.

I want to start off by saying the Harrisons, Rich, and I completely nailed Doug's Father's Day gift this year. Rich got the idea from a Sky Mall magazine, and then he found just what we wanted on Amazon.

Norah looked so happy to give him his present.

Well, at least she was happy to help him open it.

 This is EXACTLY the reaction we wanted.

Basically, we're never going to top this gift.

 A little closeup. If you know Doug, you know his hatred of squirrels.

And some more June happenings:

Yes, he actually fell asleep like this.

Rich taught Norah how to juggle.

June also brought us the beginning of birthday season. We kicked it off at the splash pad at Evan's party, where we learned that splash pads just aren't her thing.

 This was before she actually got splashed. Looks pretty fun, right? Wrong. Once she got wet, she wouldn't let us put her down.

 At least we got some smiles out of her.

Birthday boy, Evan. Oh man, I love this kid. Please can he be my future son-in-law?

 He also moonlights as Batman, thanks to his birthday presents. 

We got to go to a Spokane Indians game with the Zimmermans that same day. Once all of the people around us decided they'd rather stand than sit squished together on rock hard bleachers, it was quite enjoyable since we didn't have to worry about our littles kicking other people in the back. It also happened to be fireworks night, and Norah still hasn't stopped talking about it.

 Norah and her buddy Reagan

(Man, I look really tan in this picture. Maybe because I'm right next to these two pale faces.) 

June also brought us the start of the World Cup. Luckily, Rich found a fellow fan in John. Victoria and I couldn't help but laugh at how they stood in front of the TV like little kids when they were excited.

I just love this picture of Norah. (Her hair shows my attempt at pigtails, which lasts about ten minutes, or until she pull on her bangs or rubs her head against her car seat. I'm afraid she will have my super fine hair that slides out of bobby pins and hair ties almost instantly.)

Another day, another attempt at the splash pad. A group from our ward go to a different splash pad around Spokane each week. Norah does absolutely no splashing, but at least we gets a little social interaction.

Summer finally came to Spokane, and it's been hard for us without air conditioning. We spend a lot of time in front of the fan.

 I love this series of selfies I found on Rich's phone.

 Another birthday, this time for Miss Isabella. Norah loved celebrating with the party blowers. She obviously doesn't understand the reason for parties yet, but she gets excited about the thought of them. And Isabella's sure delivered with great food and great playing.

Norah has been going through an especially clingy phase lately. She hardly lets me out of her sight, although I think it's getting better now. (But, seriously, this child who loved nursery from day one all of a sudden decided it was the worst place ever. She seriously made me cry one Sunday because of how hard she was crying. Last week she went without a problem, though. Thank goodness.) If I say I need to go to the bathroom, she says, "Norah's coming, too." Every. Single. Time. And if I don't let her in, this is what she does.

My other favorite thing is when she talks through the door crack and says, "Wanna build a snowman?"

 And, finally, a few more pictures of my ltitle cutie. With completely ridiculous hair. Every time I see it, I think just how much she needs a haircut, but I don't want to cut bangs and that's where the real problem is. If we're actually going somewhere, I try to put it up out of her eyes. But I don't want to do that too often because we always lose a couple strands when we pull out the rubber band, and she doesn't have much to spare. And clips last about twenty seconds. So, most of the time, her hair looks like this. I think we've got at least another year before it's really all there.

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