Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sayonara 2011

Trying to be positive, I think I'll call 2011 a learning experience. The Nelly household never thought at the beginning of the year that we'd be in Spokane by the end. Last year, we learned that life rarely goes as expected. We wouldn't say 2011 was our most fun or most inspiring year, but we still know that we were blessed throughout and are still being blessed now. We know very little of what 2012 will bring, but we're mainly praying for two things here: a healthy baby and a good job for Rich.

Here are some photos to say farewell to a challenging (but rewarding) year.

Our anniversary was December 27th. We've pretty much accepted that this day is never really going to be anything fancy since it's so close to Rich's birthday and Christmas, and we're okay with that. This year we celebrated with dinner at Olive Garden (my favorite), and Rich, like a good husband, brought me flowers.

Rich surprised me with two bouquets this year to liven up our apartment. They're still going strong, which helps brighten the place up now that the Christmas decor is down.

Rich and I spent New Year's Eve at his parents' house at a party with family friends. There was much camaraderie and delicious food to be had. We just can't celebrate a new year without a bottle of Welch's sparkling white grape juice! (It always reminds me of my family - it's the Fredrickson go-to celebration drink.)


Rich got this awesome shirt from Cami and Ethan for Christmas, and it was perfect for New Year's Eve. You just can't close out 2011 without this song (that's LMFAO performing it on TV).

Oh, and I reached 19 weeks at the end of last year. And I pulled on the maternity clothes at last. It's nice to be in them, but I feel like putting them on made me look even bigger. Oh well. It's feels good to have clothes that fit again.

Yes, I officially look pregnant now. It's not just fat.


We find out if baby Nelly is a boy or a girl THIS THURSDAY

So, if you're reading this, please make your gender guess in a comment! I want to know what other people are expecting because Rich and I really have no idea. No premonitions or feelings or even good guesses in our house. We're going to be completely shocked when that ultrasound shows us the truth!

We are so excited to know!

Hope you all have a great new year! Here's to 2012!


  1. Cutest preggo-tummy, ever. You look so great! I guess BOY!

  2. I guess that the Nelly baby is a BOY but Sky disagrees with me, of course!

  3. You look so cute!!! I hope ya'll have a girl...you've pinned so many cute girly things :)

  4. I guess a girl! Cant wait to find out! You look so cute Shara!

  5. Definitely a girl. Can't wait to hear the bigs news!

  6. ooh, can't wait to see!
    I want that shirt for Carter! Love it!