Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Hobby

I found something to do to while away the hours at home. With encouragement (and supplies) from my mom and sister (you'll see I'm definitely not doing this for anyone in my household), I have myself a new hobby.

My favorites, so far.

This one was my first. Wouldn't this be adorable on a cute little man? Too bad the onesie is too small for any of the little men in my life. Who did I make it for, you may ask? I have no idea.

Becca, I think you may recognize the fabric. The cool thing about this project is that I can literally make it from scraps. And the onesies my mom has just hanging out in her craft room. Carrie requested the chunky little elephant for Lola Bug. Not that she's going to fit in a 9-month onesie for much longer.

I really like this little birdie pattern. I think there will be many more like it. No idea who this one is for either.

So, now I have a new hobby. I will be making tons of these. If you have any requests, seriously let me know. I can tell you Rich won't be wearing them anytime soon. And I just want to make stuff.


  1. These are SOOO cute!

    I'm 100% sure I will fully compensate you $$ if you can sneak in one for our upcoming manchild. You're so dang talented, girl - these are just too cute!

  2. I wouldn't say no to one for Ainsley. Very creative and super cute. A perfect summer onesie! Pair it with a skirt (or shorts for boys)and you've started a new fashion trend in babies.

  3. Do you have one in Logan's size? you should give them as shower gifts!