Sunday, November 29, 2009

26-20, OT

As always, the BYU-Utah game was a thriller!! What a fun rivalry! I must admit however...I HATE Utah. Probably at an unhealthy level, but there are many of you who understand!
The game was awesome right from the opening kick as the Cougars donned their royal blue throwback jerseys to honor the 1984 national championship team. We jumped out to a 20-6 lead, but let those pesky Utes back in it. Utah hit a field goal to tie it with under a minute left and we headed to OT. Utah scored a field goal on their opening OT possession, but it didn't take long for Max Hall to hit Andrew George for a 25-yard touchdown pass to seal the victory! The crowd erupted and IMMEDIATELY rushed the field. It was a beautiful sight for those who bleed blue!!

Final Score (Notice Andrew George crowd-surfing on the video screen)


  1. I am still smiling!

    I stand by Max's comments!

  2. It was exciting to watch at home, so I can only imagine that it was better in person :)