Friday, April 10, 2009


I just want to tell about a little accident that happened in the school newspaper this week, The Daily Universe. Since this is BYU, the paper usually gives a report on things like General Conference. Well, maybe they shouldn't have done it this week. In Monday's newspaper, there was a picture of the 12 apostles, one of your typical conference pictures. But, it wasn't your regular caption. Underneath the picture, the caption called them, not the 12 Apostles, but the 12 Apostates. Woopsie... That's quite a mistake to make. I really don't know how they missed it.

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  1. Shara! oh yeah and Rich! I keep forgetting that I know both of you. Ok love that we can be blog friends, you are totally on my friend list, so I hope that is ok with you.
    Also, thanks for coming to the party and an extra thank you for the beautiful card. I went to Jamba last night! And I didn't really have time to go to Tace Bell, but I made it work. I went through the drive thru and got 3 soft tacos. The guy said, "Well don't you want a drink?" I said, "Nope I got my jamba." Best meal ever!